How To Make Money On Elokings Income Program

How To Make Money On Elokings Income Program

Hello guys, happy stay at home am sure we are enjoying day at home, we have been getting questions from our visitors that is there a site that still pay legitely? sure there is but we just have to be careful to avoid been duped/scammed

Making money online now is now hard due to 80% scam activities done on this which leads to lack of trust in money making

Can i proof you wrong that sites that pays better still exist but due to lack of trust you wont believe it real until you get valid proof

Making money online can be achieved in 2 ways which are refferals and activities earning/refferals enabled only

To cut the story short am here to show you one of the money making site that pay me every 25th of each month

Am sure you will be eager to try this site, which is Elokings

What Is Elokings

Elokings is an income website brought up to solve financial issue and  create a source of income for you.

How To Make Money Online With Elokings

  • Welcome Bonus N400
  • Daily Login N50
  • Sponsored Post N100
  • Reading News  And Comment N10
  • Refferal Bonus N1000
  • Registeration Fee N1500
  • Minimum Withdraw Threshold  N5000
Before registering you need to get your coupon code from the coupon vendor, you can whatsapp me to get yours immediately.

Whatsapp number: 09076225136

Register on Elokings via Here

In the membership skit, click on add to cart

A new button will display showing "view cart as shown below.. click on it

A page will pop up showing you your cart details, change the quantity to 1 then add the coupon code given to you by the coupon vendors, then click the"proceed to checkout button"

Fill in your details accordingly then and make sure the refferal box is showing "TechNg" if it doesnt kindly input "TechNg" in the refferal box

Scroll down and tick the agreement box and click on "place order"

You will be taken to your dashboard and will be rewarded with the registeration fee all you need to do is activate your account by getting the coupon code from the coupon vendors

Now let move to the last part which is getting our coupon code in order to activate our acct

All you need to do is click Here to get Elokings coupon sellers Whatsapp number, chat them up to get your coupon at N1500 then you will input it in your dashboard to get it activated

Happy earnings

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