All You Need To Know About DochCoin As An Investment Scheme

All You Need To Know About DochCoin As An Investment Scheme

Doch Llc is a "FINTECH" company based out of Usa, which is into Fintech service, E - commerce, Crypto Exchanges, Direct selling and Forex trading. The DOTCH team is powered by tech savy enterpreneurs and its main objective is to make global footprint in a time bound manner,  Doch management team is committed to provide its investors and clients unique global platform to explore financial world in a single click

Doch Concept To Commercialization

Birth Of A Concept : Discussion that defined the concept.
What are the performance parameters?
What are the technical requirements?
Can it be done successfully?

Development : We begin to move toward development where concepts are tested, theories and algorithms are validated .

Live Testing Phase : Live testing on exchanges to verify real life feasibility. This provides further validation which further reduce risk

Optimization & Continuous Product Improvement : Further work in understanding , Optimizing and improving the technology to reduce risks and provide for a more profit.

Our Corporate Profile

Prior to developing and establishing our technical team in Las Vegas, USA, We had achieve ground breaking success with our technical specialist

We are also licensed in Nevada, Usa to operate our blockchain businesses

Setting vision into expansion of Asia market, we have identified marketing potentiality in Korea, Japan, South East Asia, Middle East Asia & China , the world fastest growing major economy and leading hub of blockchain technology.

Mission : To become and remain our client's most trusted advisor
Our mission is what we seek to accomplish everyday as per roadmap we are committed to transform our roadmap into milestones

Vision : To be recognized for delivering a superior combination of successful investment solutions and exceptional customers service" we are committed to revolutionise and the financial portfolio of our affiliates and the investors by providing single windows platform for Forex, Crypto, Equity, E-commerce and Exchange powered by 24 x 7 x 365 days integrated customers support.


As the saying goes "Time is Money" This absolutely applies to cryptocurrency arbitrage trading  where time is of the essence.

DOCH AI TOT is a newly developed cryptocurrency arbitrage engine with the capability to simultaneously buy and sell different cryptocurrency pairs to profit from the spread differences within the same exchanges

How It Works 

In Laymans Terms:
Speed is a key factor to executing arbitrage transactions successfully.

Race against time to realize profits. Most of the conventional arbitrage systems can be compared to saloon cars with inefficient engines… As such the risk of slippage is high. But with the Quadrangular Strategy AI Algorithm

DOCH LLC AI TOT Engine is like a turbocharged supercar that is effective on the racetrack

DOCH AI TOT's Unique Advantage : Quadrangular Strategy AI Algorithm enables the engine to detect and calculate the spread differences between 4 cryptocurrency pairs and execute the trades within split seconds.


Imagine : 
A profitable trade, being executed on Numerous Exchange! Simultaneously!  Multiple Times daily!

Compare And Contrast :

Video Demonstration :

Quadrangular Strategy AI Algorithm

Facilitate daily trading through big data approach and the use of technical analysis, sentiment analysis and machine learning algorithms, analyze large volumes data and execute relevant trades in real-time.

Key Components :
Big Data : The system combines language and statistical processing to classify data including news, exchange prices, and even Tweets.
Machine Learning : The system is in a state of continuous automated machine learning, constantly adjusting and updating its internal models to improving accuracy.
Real-Time Trading : Trades are identified and executed in real-time and being completed in split-seconds to ensure that slippage risk is virtually non-existent .

The algorithm has the ability to process huge amounts of data to determine which crypto to invest in to maximizing returns. It is an API based algorithm specifically designed for crypto market.

Key Competitive Advantage

As compared to most conventional cryptocurrency arbitrage on the market at the moment, we are able to offer our client better :

Speed : Faster transaction, faster computation, trading and execution on 1 exchange

Convenience : Reduction of unnecessary procedural delays such as KYC on multiple exchanges etc.

Cost - effeciency : Avoid having to pay fees such as withdrawal fees on multiple exchanges

How Do Investors Benefit?

By Investing in us, investors are actually investing in Simplicity, Stability, Consistency and Liquidity all at the same time

All this equate to "Lower risk and Higher Profit!

Developer Roadmap
Our long-term plans  are to create a comprehensive sustainable ecosystem that is effectively integrated with finncial markets worldwide

Corporate Profile, Registeration License And Media Report

With the rise of the digital economy and a market cap of close to $300 billion, cryptocurrency are definitely here to stay.

Join us as we create unprecedented wealth through DOTCH AI TOT


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