9Mobile Social Pak 2.5GB Cheat with Ut Loop VPN

9Mobile Social Pak 2.5GB Cheat with Ut Loop VPN

Hello guys we found another working cheat for 9mobile users using UT Loop VPN, tho it not free, you need to to subscribe to some plan to use this cheat 

What is UT Loop VPN?

UT Loop VPN is a Free HTTP/SSH/SSL Tunnel VPN. It comes with the latest free internet access which uses our built-in proxy tweaks to bypass IP based restrictions/domain/billings.


  • Smartphone (Android)
  • 9mobile Sim
  • Airtime (N350)
  • UT Loop VPN
Download UT Loop VPN Here

Then dial *343*6*9# to get the social pack bundle ( N350 for 2.5gb valid for 30days)

Dial *228# to 500Mb Social bundle 

To Power this cheat so you can use it on all apps, open UT Loop VPN

In "Tweaks" select NG | 9mobile 2GB Social Pak, Host is: Google.com ( Custom tweaks for android 5.0)

Once you are done with the 2gb configuration, we need to power all app with the 500Mb

Under "Tweaks" select NG | 9mobile 500MB Social Pak, Host is: Viber.com ( Custom tweaks for android 5.0)

Finally tap "Connect" when it turns red you are now powering all apps....

  • It is capped at 2.5GB 

  • Use 2GB configuration first.

  • Use 500MB configuration last

  • It gives you access to powers all Apps

  • Validity : 30 days

  • No Configuration needed

  • Tweaks doesn't expire

  • Supports any 3 server selected

Kindly drop your comment below if it works for you, happy blazing....

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