Latest Airtel Social Bundle Cheat Using 24Clan Vpn Lite

Latest Airtel Social Bundle Cheat Using 24Clan Vpn Lite

Back to the game, another loophole was just found from airtel again, and this time around it unlimited, when i say unlimited, i mean you browser without your data getting exhausted,

Talking of this cheat it required airtime vpn and you also need to subscribe to airtel social bundle

Airtel social is a data plan that works only on whatsapp, facebook, instagram, operamini and other social media apps you know..

Now this cheat doesn't work alone, it needs an app called 24Clan Vpn Lite

What Is 24Clan Vpn Lite?

24Clan VPN Lite is a free SSL/HTTP/SSH TUNNEL vpn that help in encrypting and protecting your ip and internet browsing with ultimate high speed Gaming


  • Smartphone
  • Airtime
  • 24Clan Vpn Lite
Dial *668#, follow the steps to get the unlimited plan at N300 valid for 25 days

N ow we said it earlier that this plan works only for social media, now here is how to make it work on all apps/ browser

Download 24Clan Vpn Lite

Launch the app

You will see two options and a big round button

The First option is location, click and select "South Africa 0.0k server 1"

The Second option is for the network you want to power, click and select "NG|Airtel social Bundle"

Hit the big green button

Wait for some seconds, successfully connected

Enjoy your unlimited browsing while it last

Happy Blazing.....

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